sábado, 15 de junio de 2013

And for once there is nothing up my sleeve

It's Saturday afternoon and I can't study. I turn on the radio, a song starts to play

I wish this was eternal. The sun on my skin, the white sheets araound my legs, your smile on my cheeks. I wish I didn't have to think of me saying goodbye to you.

You know, it's hard to find someone. But not just someone. Someone you're totally comfortable with. Someone who understands your irony and your passions, although you don't share them. Someone tho enjoys so much watching you laughing, laughing loud, crying of laughs; and tells you about it just by looking at you with his bright eyes.

"I used to run at first sight of the sun..."It's so curious. How many times I would have heard this song, but not listened to it. And now it feels so close. I could perfectly sing it to you while we're togetehr in the shower, fighting playfully for the coconut soap. 

It's a love song. You know it's love when you suddenly realise that you're waiting for someone to wake up next to you. And that's all I'd like to so right now. Spend a whole life waiting for you to open your eyes and immediately smile at seeing my messy hair. How easy is to be selfish and forget the rest of the world when you're happy, don't you think?

But, of course, I could never tell you this. We know what we have, but we don't say it loud. We won't cry, we won't make drama. We will just pretend we're mature people saying goodbye to a perfect time in our lives, but we will never tell in words what's the thing we have. It would make things more complicated, wouldn't it?

Three weeks left. Dammit. I wanted so bad vacation to arrive until I realised you woulnd't be here for them, the moment I realised you were actually my real vacation from my everyday life, my routine, my mess.

The song finished a few minutes ago. But I can still feel the singer's voive running through my veins, next to the endorphines that your kisses created on my organism. Dammit, I used to run to be alone. Now I'd spend my whole life running for the time not to catch us. Bring forever young. Forever in early summer. Forever next to you. 

But this is the real life, isn't it...

4 comentarios:

  1. You can't imagine how much I feel related to this post. We all have a song... try 'leaving on a jet plane', bittersweet.
    And to top that... there is always a scent, a place, a movie and a date.

    Nice song btw.

    1. No conocía esa canción. Es preciosa...
      Gracias por el comentario :)

  2. La canción sin duda es perfecta para el verano :)
    Y entiendo perfectamente lo que dices... es difícil no pensar en alguien así, que te trae recuerdos. Yo también estoy estudiando, así que ¡mucho ánimo! ^^

    un beso